Billionaire Students Attend Elite Universities

oxford-patrick capriolaBillionaires are more likely than others to have attended college. When examined, these individuals were commonly thought to be self taught or trained on the market. When further analyzed, many more were found to have been university graduates. A higher number attended some of the most prestigious and elite institutions in the world. The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, USC, and Princeton are the top five universities with billionaire graduates. Although this listing of schools are all within the USA, over one quarter of the billionaires who completed undergraduate courses were from out of the country.

This class of financially affluent people kept their university experiences close to their heart and their wallets. Upon graduation, the billionaires become highly involved in philanthropic projects. A key area they support is higher education. Geographically, a large number of billionaires all live in small concentrations of areas with some leading regions including New York, Moscow, and London. On the contrary, other areas are left with children not having any access to education.

Studies by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reveal that omitting college education from the career spectrum is not a good decision. The value of a degree greatly outweighs the cost of tuition. In fact, it still holds true that a university education will increase the chance of getting a higher paying job.

Now, an important thing to think about includes closing the gap between prestigious educational institutions and other schools. Financial leaders from all over the world have their meeting of the minds at the top universities. To increase overall mobility between classes and schools, there should be communication across all platforms. It should not be about consolidating privilege, it should be about sharing the advantage.

To learn more about billionaires and their role in the world of higher education, please visit BBC’s article here!


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Patrick Capriola is a professional educator in Jacksonville, FL with over a decade of experience improving educational outcomes. He has served as a teacher, school administrator, and teacher trainer.