How to Engage Students By Using Instagram for School

classroom-patrick capriolaSocial media usage is on the rise, even for young children making their way through the school system. It’s not uncommon to find middle and high school students intrigued by technical applications like Instagram. For educators working with this demographic, there are ways to incorporate the excitement of Instagram into classroom objectives.

Show Off Student Work
Set the account settings so it is only accessible to family members of students and others from the school community. Then, take pictures of student artwork and projects and post them to the Instagram page.

Select a Student of the Week
Students in the classroom can take turns sharing moments from their daily lives on the classroom account. The featured student can then share the photos they took with their class.

Archive Field Trip Memories
Encourage a student to step up and capture moments from field trips and classroom parties. These photos can appear on the Instagram page.

Historical Instagram Feed
Share photos of popular figures from history with the class. Allow students to compile a poster or bulletin board depicting the Instagram feed of someone like Abraham Lincoln.

Literary Character Feed
Explore the student’s favorite characters. As an assignment, have them uncover pictures that would appear if that literary figure had an Instagram page.

Reading List
Suggest that students take pictures of their favorite books and share them on the classroom account. This will provide more ideas for classroom reading.

Writing Prompt Ideas
Designate one person to snap photos of inspirational items that could serve as the focus of an in class writing session. Some examples include an empty bird’s nest or a broken doll.

Keep Track of Penmanship Progress
Take a picture of student handwriting at the start of the year. At the end of a full year of lessons, take another photo and share a comparison. To commemorate this progress, teachers can even order low cost prints and distribute them to students.

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Patrick Capriola is a professional educator in Jacksonville, FL with over a decade of experience improving educational outcomes. He has served as a teacher, school administrator, and teacher trainer.