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Patrick CapriolaEducators need to know about the technological tools available for their students. Not only is it important to know they exist, teachers also need to have an advanced ability to use the services and inform the students of proper practices. In Nebraska, a conference was held for teachers as a platform to share technological advances and how they apply to the classroom. About 90 teachers attended this event known as the Midwest Tech Experience. It was hosted by the North Platte Public School District. Jeff Utchect, a Google program developer and educational instructor was the keynote speaker at the conference. He created a program called Google Ninja. It is a free tool specifically designed for students and educators to learn how to use Google apps for classroom and further educational experiences. Ninja combines productivity with socialization and fun. At the conference, Utchect demonstrated how teachers can use his program in conjunction with search engines. With the boom of the internet, children are using its features at younger and younger ages. Now, users will be able to search internet content by reading level and time frame. Similar to how books are distributed to children by reading level, they will be able to use a search engine to uncover material appropriate for them. The remainder of the event included breakout sessions led by teachers from the North Platte Public School District. Bonus topics covered included Twitter and Robotics. In the spirit of technology use and the classroom, teachers have taken it upon themselves to further their personal education in that area. Third grade teacher, Shanna Dugan, is now attending the University of Nebraska to complete classes in technology. Thanks to the funding of the Applegate grant and the Midwest Tech Experience event, educators have new tools to help be stronger leaders in today’s modern classrooms and their tech savvy students.

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